Project FAQ's

  • Which crypto wallets are supported?

    For payment on Gem Launcher we fully support Metamask, Trust Wallet, Binance Wallet and all wallets that support Wallet Connect.
    For withdrawals, make sure that you post your full wallet address in the earnings settings and also make sure your wallet supports the Binance Smart Chain. We are not responsible for any lose of funds that might happen due to wrong input of information. If the receiving address is wrong the funds cannot be retract and the withdrawal will be considered complete.

  • Yes, we have developed a system that protects both the crypto projects and the marketers. The client orders a listed marketing service from our Marketer Platform after which the marketer is notified and receives the details for the order. If there is a need to establish further communication then both parties can use our native messaging system and discuss the project or share thoughts and files. The funds paid by the crypto project representative are held by our system until the marketer completes the service. Once the service is considered completed the funds get released and the marketer can request withdrawal to their crypto wallet.
    If there are problems that cannot be solved with mutual agreement then any party can use the dispute system to file a dispute and involve the Gem Launcher team.
    Also the Marketer Platform includes a feedback and rating system that can be used to rate the marketer and the service provided and to leave feedback on the quality of service to help other clients make the right choice when choosing the best service for their marketing campaign.

  • To purchase a marketing service listed on our Marketer Platform you need to register as a buyer after which you will be able to order a service that best suits your project and your marketing campaign using a crypto currency. Once payment is complete the marketing professional selling the service will receive an order from you after which you can start to communicate using our native messaging system to exchange messages and files.
    What makes our system unique is the security we offer to make sure you get the exact service you have paid for. When you order a service we hold the funds until the service/task is complete after which it will get available for the marketer to withdraw. If there is an issue that is unsolvable by a mutual agreement between the marketer and the client there is a active dispute system that can be used for any user to get our team involved.

  • To purchase ad space you need to be registered as a buyer. Once your registration is complete or you are already a member visit the Order Ad Space Page. There you can preview available ad positions throughout the Directory pages and choose the space where you want your ad to be displayed.

    Once you have chosen your ad space, attach a banner image with the correct dimensions specified for the chosen ad space and pay using crypto currency (BNB). As soon as your purchase and submission is reviewed, you will be notified via email when your advertisement is live. If your ad submission is rejected by our admin you will receive a full refund to the wallet used in the initial transaction.

  • Every crypto representative and/or listing agent can submit a crypto currency to be listed on Gem Launcher’s Crypto Directory. Registering an account as a buyer will enable you to access the Crypto Currency Submission Section, where you can enter all the relevant data about your crypto currency.
    For the purposes of fetching market data and basic security measures, we only accept and list tokens previously listed on CoinGecko.

    The same buyer’s account can be later used to access the Crypto Marketers Platform, where you can order services from professionals who will take your marketing campaign to another level.

    Pay using a crypto currency (BNB) to order service(s) from the crypto marketing professional or agency that best suits your project.

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