Telegram Promotion Service ( DO NOT ORDER)

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No Вots, No Ваns, Nо Inасtivе Usеrs - Only the Нighеst Qualitу Rеsources with Privаte User Lists of Invеstors, vосаtiоnаl соpy-wrighting and оther fеaturеs for our сustomеrs.

Let's work together and reach the moon.

Additional services

  • Target specific group of investors
    No matter what kind of crypto project you represent, whether it's meme coin, artistic NFTs, metaverse, P2E, M2E or DeFi we can run promotion on your target group and increase the chances of getting a lead and a conversion.

Fequently asked questions

Can you show us an example of past work?

Yes of course, message us through the Gem Launcher chat feature.

We have a conversion rate of 5% and a lot of satisfied customers.