Instagram Promotion For Your NFT Project ( DO NOT ORDER )

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You need a targeted crypto audience that are interested in NFTs?
Look no further...We offer the top Instagram promotion service to our 128,000 followers and broader Instagram audience through multiple image posts and video stories.
This service is complete match for established NFT projects that already have their promo material, however if you need graphics designed or video rendering then also check the additional services where you can add multiple services to purchase as a package.

Affordable price plans

  • Pricing plans
    Number of images Number of video stories This Delivery time:
  • Pricing plans


    This package includes 10 image posts and 3 stories on Instagram as well as engagement with the audience during the run. Let's add few more sentences and see if it will break the styling.

    Number of images 10
    Number of video stories 3
    This Yes
    Delivery time 7 Days
  • Number of images 20
    Number of video stories 5
    This No
    Delivery time 15 Days
  • Pricing plans


    This package includes 32 image posts and 10 stories on Instagram as well as engagement with the audience during the run.

    Number of images 32
    Number of video stories 10
    This Yes
    Delivery time 30 Days

Additional services

  • Promo Material Design and Editing

    We will include our designer to deliver top tier promo materials consisting of images and videos depending on the purchased package.


Fequently asked questions

Are your followers real or bots?

Over 90% of our followers are actual people and belong to a highly targeted group which is interested into artistic NFTs, NFT adoption and the metaverse.

We have a separate service here on Gem Launcher about this so please check our portfolio and choose the right service for you.